Fall 2020 COVID-19 Protocols


* Public access will be limited to 10 people, with only selected staff, buyers permitted. 
* Truckers will not be permitted inside building. Outside washrooms will be provided.
* Consignors who have cattle to sell will have an option to watch the cattle sale online on our web site. If you do insist on watching your cattle live at the auction mart, and don’t have the means to watch online, please take the necessary health steps to help contain the virus (listed below), before attending the sale. Please ensure you are a safe distance (minimum 6 feet) between everyone who is also attending.
* Cattle buyers will practice self distancing, and will be asked to wear a mask, but not mandated yet. If cannot attend, Starting this fall, online bidding will be in place during our weekly showlist.
* Any truckers experiencing ill symptoms are to stay away, or we can provide a service to load your cattle liner without stepping out of your truck.
* Employees will be segregated from public, any employees experiencing symptoms, will be told to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks.



As of August 24th, all inside facilities will be limited to 10 people, so only selected staff and buyers are permitted, 

Below protocols are for limited access for the public.

* Notify management that you will be attending, and a seat will be selected in advance.
* Required to wear a mask.
* Have a supply of hand sanitation product for yourself.
* Sanitize upon entering the auction mart using the provided products.
* Wash your hands regularly and use the provided sanitation products very often.
* Please distance yourself from anyone else in the auction mart.
* If you have a slight cold, or feeling a higher temperature that normal, PLEASE DO NOT come to the auction mart, or you will be asked politely to leave or be turned away.
* Please cough or sneeze on your sleeve, NEVER YOUR HANDS.


Prairie Mountain Health under Orange Zone: Restricted

Please review the below Orange Zone information in regards to the Prairie Mountain Health Region.

The recommended restrictions will be followed at Ste. Rose Auction Mart.


















Myles Masson
Ste Rose Auction Mart Ltd.