COVID 19 Action Policy for Livestock Markets in Manitoba

Posted by Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association

The following policy will come in to effect as of Monday, March 23rd and stay in effect until further notice.

Access to the Markets:

Access will be restricted to a Maximum 10 people, as per Provincial regulations.
Access will be restricted to Essential Personal Only.

Essential Personal are staff required to operate the sale, order buyers and regular buyers, and livestock inspection personal. No exceptions.

All persons entering the sales barn should sign in and a record of those attending including staff should be kept for future
The general public, consignors, guests, and service providers will not be allowed into the sales barn.

Buyers are required to maintain the suggested social distance of 2 meters/6 feet with other buyers and staff while in the sale barn.

The office area is considered part of the sale barn and is under the same restrictions. The office area is considered closed to
the public.

Producer Cheques:
In most cases producer cheques will be mailed out, a pick up box on the exterior of the market to be provided for producers
wishing to pick up sale returns.

Washrooms should be for essential personal only. If possible separate washrooms outside the market should be provided
for the public delivering or truckers picking up livestock.

Cafeterias are be closed and table seating suspended. Some may offer take out food for essential personal.

Truckers will not be allowed in the sales barn. Loading instructions and pass outs will be made available at the loading
docks after the sale has been completed. Truckers and staff are to respect and practise social distance of 2 meters when
loading and unloading livestock.

Producers unloading cattle are encouraged to “unload and roll”. Unload their cattle, get the receipt and roll on home.

Market Sanitation:
Markets are encourage to designate an employee to be responsible to market sanitization. To make sure that hand
sanitizer or wipes are available to essential staff and order buyers. That common work stations, equipment, telephones
and counters be cleaned prior, during and after the sale.

Special attention to make sure that washrooms are clean and have proper soap and disposable towels available at all time.

Yard Staff Segregation
If at all possible reduce interaction between front-end staff, buyers with the yard staff. Co-mingling of staff should be
reduced as much as possible. Common areas such as lunchrooms, change rooms and areas frequented by staff
should have sanitization products available for the staff and should be sanitized on a regular basis.

LMAC COVID -19 Emergency Response:
The Manitoba Livestock are encouraged to adopt the LMAC COVID response policy as guidelines and recommendations at
their market.