With SRAM constantly working on service, and highest possible returns for your cattle. By meeting our goals, we have an advertising package that hits all buyers, and potential buyers, on a weekly basis. Whether it is a weekly feeder sale, a special bred cow & heifer sale, or a purebred bull sale, we cover as much advertising as we possible can, with no extra charges on you settlement.

Social Media:


We are now in the digital age, and this is one of the most cost effective ways of advertise any sale. Our twitter feed is updated on a daily basis (or at least once a week) Please connect and join our twitter handle, and receive all industry news updates, weekly feeder results, and special sale adv.

Cattle Connect is an online digital marketing tool, that has the convenience of advertising your cattle online, and now also through a digital app that is compatible to Apple and Android. This is convenient to customers who want information through there cell phones. DOWNLOAD TODAY.

Weekly SMS direct messeging

Every week we send our buyers our weekly show list the night before each sale, and they receive it on there phones. This is extremly effective, as they can annylize our showlist from anywhere they have cell service or wi-fi.


730 CKDM radio
We have commercial adds that run on a daily basis, usually at 7:25am, and around 12:20pm. And we have a weekly market report every Friday at 7:25am.
920 CFRY radio
We have a weekly market report every Friday at 7:10am, and we also advertise special sales a week prior to sale. We run at least 3 spots a day
GX94 Yorkton
We only recently started to advertise with this station, and we advertise special sales with them.


Dauphin Herald
All special sales
Parkland Shopper
All special sales
Roblin Review
All special sales
Swan River Star and Times
Advertise on a weekly basis in fall and winter, and also special sales
Manitoba Co-operator
All special sales
Western Producer
All special sales