Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

Tuesday – December 3rd, 2019

Clint Cleave, Ochre River 

70 Bred Heifers : 40% Redx, 60% Simx

Here is another reputation set of hfrs, again, purchased from one home (same home as past 5 years). All proven heifers, Due to start calving in Feb, with only a 70 day calving period. These heifers are extremely tame, have been pail fed all winter, so nice, well demeanored heifers. In pic’s and video the condition on some hfrs are a little low, but will have nice condition on them, by sale time.

Cole Ranching, Cayer

120 Black Heifers, Bred Black, Due April.17th.

Here is a set of outstanding (one iron) larger framed black & BWF heifers. All received there Blackleg, Bovishield, Vibrin, Ivermictin. Will be tested the day before the sale.

Tentative Bred Cow & Heifer Sale 

Tuesday – December 10th, 2019

Bluff Creek Farms , Mike & Karen Brown , Silver Ridge

30 Black Heifers, Bred Black Angus (bull exposed for 70 days), Due March 25, 2020.

Full vaccination program – IBR/DVD, Black Leg, Ivomec Pour on and Vitamin A shot. Vet checked before breeding.