Since the acquisition of the SRAM, Myles knew it was time to sell cattle the way his producers wanted, in a manner that was fair to the customer and to the buyer, and delivering the most return possible. So Myles established a marketing concept called the “SHOWLIST”.  This is not like a “PRESORT” where all consigned cattle are mixed in there same weight class and grade and breed. The SHOWLIST is basically promoting each producers cattle in their respective, individual lots, and displayed, cataloged and promoted to the buyers and public the best way we can. When we first started there was only 20-25% of sale receipts making it to the SHOWLIST, but today there is 60 – 70% heading to the SHOWLIST (per sale), to create these percentages like that, you need:

Grading knowledge and experience to package up cattle into uniformed lots
Pens and sorting alleys have to be physically structured for the showlist:
New and advance computer program
Employees that will work with this program in a positive manner
Have to be in an area with a lot of well managed cattle, and larger based cow herds
Have an abundance of front row order buyers

With the changing in how we have to market cattle (or any product) you have to change with the times, and adapt or you will not survive. This takes a lot more work than it did many years ago, but ranchers also have to adapt with the changing of the times with larger cow herds, less overhead expenses and diversification. With these changes both the SRAM, and their customers, we should progress into the 21 century, and be prepared as to what lies ahead.

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