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Please note that compromised cattle unfit for transportation are strictly prohibited at our facilities. For more information,
click the link provided.



Job is one day a week (Thursday)

  • Assist and learn salesclerk job beside auctioneer
  • Help with excel programs before sale
  • Assist main Secretary during sale
  • Learn buyer invoicing, and assistance.

Job requires:

  • Limited cattle experience
  • Basic Computer experience, and above average typing skills.
  • Experience is excel programs
  • Comfortable and adapt to a fast-paced environment.
  • Require Public Relation experience.

Must be available for: All Thursday’s cattle sales & available for the odd special sale. All through the year from September – May.

Now taking applications for: CATTLE LABOURER, SORTER & PENNER.

Job involves:

  • Assisting in sorting, counting and penning all types of cattle efficiently & responsibly.
  • Must be used to “above normal” walking and running during a sale.
  • Must be accustom in working the odd long hr days.

Job requires:

  • Cattle Experience.
  • Commitment of two – three day’s a week, with special sale in winter.
  • Willing to work other employees on a friendly manner.
  • Be familiar with using a two way radio.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

Must be available for: All Thursday’s cattle sales & available for the odd special sale. All through the year from September – May.

Common questions about our Showlist method

Is all cattle delivered go into showlist?

  • Any amount of cattle we can group together from one consignor to accumulate over 8 hd.

Why is there some groups of 3 and 4 in showlist?

  • If a consignor has a large amount of cattle to work with, we try to place as many of there cattle in showlist as possible, as we have already blocked off pen space for there cattle.

Any cattle sorted out, and placed on regular sale, are they fed?

  • All feeder cattle will have some feed infront of them, and will be charged accordingly.

What if I don’t want my cattle in showlist, can I opt out of it?

  • Yes, this has to be told to the dropoff employee, and we can simply take a light sort and put away for the regular sale. Feed will be infront of them for a more presentable condition at ring side.

What shrink rate is applied to my calves?

  • The standard shrink table is 4% within 3o miles, and every 30-60 miles, goes down half a %. There is considerations on how the cattle are gauged at weigh up time, as there could be many factors involved, if shrink has to me lifted or decreased.

What is the benefit of delivering my calves on Tuesday.

  • Less congestion for unloading, prompt sorting and weigh up of cattle, consignor not as rushed to get them delivered in time. 
  • Please note, we advise only selected calves with well managed vaccination program behind them. Or if they have been weaned for an adequate time period. 

Many reasons why the Showlist method of cattle marketing makes sense.
  1. Our Showlist system focusses on marketing each individual ranch or producer by there management skills, vaccination programs, and feedlot history of your cattle’s performance, through return buyer support, and knowledge of your cattle. This is not a pre-sort sale with all sellers mixed, we keep all consignors separated, and focus on the reputation of each individual producer. 
  2. This saves valuable shrink, and with shrink saved, many dollars are saved (likely between 1% and as high as 5% saved), and with prices at an ave of $3.00/lbs on a 600lbs calf is easily save $18.00 to $60.00/hd in hidden losses. So with a $3.00/hd Showlist charge, feed, and selling commission charges, you are still DOLLARS ahead, and I could easily say, after weighing and selling thousands of cattle, many producers have saved well over there full selling charge expenses. 
  3. As owner, I inspect most cattle first hand going into showlist. And with our knowledgeable sorting and clerking staff, we all make a second effort on your calves, in a way, that will return the most dollars back to the producer, depending on market trends that particular week.
  4. Following weighup, the showlisted cattle will be placed on feed up to sale time. This creates less stress on the cattle, and they look respectable while passing through the sales ring, and can easily be loaded on Eastern trucks very quickly if have to.
  5. All cattle on the showlist, is marketed on a sales catalogue that is uploaded to our web site the night before sale. This is a very positive tool in the marketing of your cattle, as buyers and feedlots, can make advance decisions and how to purchased, which returns very aggressive prices.
  6. The showlisting will also be advertised on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  7. SRAM has 14-18 employees on hand the up to 2 days prior to sale time, to serve you, in the marketing of your cattle, the best way possible. As we all know, it’s your main paycheck of the year, so we strive to do the best job we can, for your highest return possible. 
  8. I (Myles Masson) has been involved in cattle marketing for over 40 years, I have experienced the marketing of cattle through on-farm video, internet sales, direct sales, order buying, and forward contracting, and 95 % of the time, selling this method, is, by far, the best way to market your cattle. Cattle are displayed properly, weights are proper, no guessing. This method creates an aggressive “price discovery” system, with a full line of order buyers on hand, representing feedlots and backrounding lots all through the Eastern and Western Provinces.