Marketing of all types of feeder cattle
SRAM has the experience in providing this service with one thing in mind… making sure the customer has received the top value for their feeder cattle, and satisfactory service has been completed. Myles has been marketing cattle for over 25 years, and understands how technology is a major component in marketing your cattle, plus, the good old common sense approach in communicating with customers on a one on one basis. SRAM is one of the most advanced auction marts in Manitoba, our facility is not new or fancy, but very practical in providing a first rate job the selling of cattle, when it comes to clean and up kept pens, advanced computer system, new scanning system that provides a first rate identification, new structured sorting alleys for a quick and efficient run sale.
Marketing of all types of slaughter cattle
SRAM sells cows and bulls every Thursday, starting at 8:00am. We have 3 major buyers to purchase these cows and bulls for plants all through Canada and the USA. SRAM consistently sells 150 – 400 cows and bulls per week on a regular basis. The SRAM has one of the strongest and most aggressive price returns for your cows and bulls in the province of Manitoba.
Marketing herd dispersals and bred heifers
SRAM has the knowledge to market your herd dispersal with internet advertising, video and picture web display’s, radio and paper adds, and now in ring advertising during cattle sales. We have a reputation for above satisfactory returns, when the time comes you want to disperse your cattle herd or sell your bred heifers. Our charges are a %age commission rate, plus feed, pregtesting, and tagging. (Advertising is included in commission rate)
The following is an 8 step process before dispersing your cows herd for a successful Bred Cow sale.

1.) Guaranteed breeding dates. We need to know when the cows were exposed and ideally when the bull or bulls were pulled from the cows as well as the breed of bull used. Although all the cows will be pregnancy tested supplying such information goes a long way to giving the buyers confidence in your cattle. Herds with a tighter calving interval will sell better.

2.) Only sell young and middle aged cows. No one will pay a premium for old cows. If possible provide us with ages of your cows. Ideally it is best if you have year letters on the ear tags. The vast majority of people can see if a cow is old simply by looking at her. You are only making yourself look bad by trying to pass an old cow off as younger than she really is.

3.) Have a good herd health program and provide the records to back it up.

4.) Make sure your cows are in good condition. Good body condition (not over fat or under fed) and good hair coats.

5.) Cull out cows with bad udders, feet and other structural problems as well as cows that have poor temperaments.

6.) Cows that are uniform in size, type and breed that are bred to good quality bulls are always easier to group and market.

7.) Age verify your cows.

8.) Sell your cows at the right time. We can help you with this.