Market Report

Date: Nov 26, 2020

Number of head sold:2575

Cows remained steady, Bulls traded barely steady.

D1 & D2 (good fleshed):72-76
D3 & D4 (below avg flesh):60-68
Younger feeder cows:-
Shelly & under fed cows: -
Light Weights:-
Heavier-Younger looking:-
Older looking, heavier weights-
High Yielding:90-96.00
Thinner Types:83-92
Cow/Calf Pairs:-
Bred Cows:-

Bulls Comments:
Very few on offer this week, prices barely steady

Feeder Cattle Comments:
The market traded with alot more aggression, even considering the high number of cattle moving all through the week. The lighter feeder cattle traded 5-7 cents stronger this week, and the mid weights (suitable for the eastern market) traded 3-5 higher. And the heavy cattle traded steady depending on the flesh condition, if they were green, they traded 3-4 cents higher, if they carried "above average flesh" they were trading at barely steady prices. medium quality cattle traded with more aggression this week, but the plain types remained to trade under pressure.

Video Sale76
Reg Sale420


3-400 lbs: 240.00295.00sls to:308.00
4-500 lbs: 230.00275.00sls to:281.00
5-600 lbs: 205.00238.00sls to:242.00
6-700 lbs: 185.00207,00sls to:209.00
7-800 lbs: 175.00185.00sls to:188.50
8-900 lbs: sls to:
9-1000 lbs: sls to:


3-400 lbs:220.00230.00sls to: 250.00
4-500lbs:195.00225.00sls to: 228.00
5-600 lbs:185.00208.00sls to: 211.00
6-700 lbs:175.00180.00sls to: 185.00
7-800 lbs:160.00173.00sls to: 174.00
8-900 lbs:sls to:
9-1000 lbs:sls to:

Closing Comments:
Next weeks cattle sale, we do expect 12-1500 cattle with room available.
Timed Cattle Sales - Cattle Connect - Lot 1 closing at noon today- Lots 2-5 closing on Saturday.
Bred Cow & Heifer sales - Tuesday Dec 8th. - good line of bred heifers and a HD of cows on offer, Covid Health guidelines will be followed for these sales.